About Us

Company Profile

Asterion Alliance Holdings is a Turkish diversified private holding company. From its inception, Asterion Alliance maintains an international outlook for trade and operations.

Asterion Alliance sees itself to playing a major role in contributing to the development of the economies of where it will be establishing its business portfolio. Asterion Alliance strategic balanced portfolio aims to provide foremost its customers, partners, stakeholders, employees and shareholders a steady stream of value while ensuring and nurturing a deep sense and vision for development and sustainability. In line with the ever-changing world of business, Asterion Alliance Holdings portfolio strategy will continuously evolve to be ahead of the curve in major developments that are so rapidly shaping the business environment, both in Turkey and globally.

Portfolio Strategy

To ascertain shareholder’s objectives and create long term value for all our stakeholders by growing the group’s net assets by investing across strategic diverse sectors and territoriesç Diversification and development of new revenue streams, formulation of policies for current and future investments, identifying opportunities for growth across portfolio cluster; defining asset allocation across operating and financial asset classes, across territories and sectors.

Commitment to Strong Corporate Governance

Adhering to a strong corporate governance framework Asterion Alliance Holdings is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance in order to enhance transparency and public confidence in the Group, its consolidated subsidiaries and their practices.

Our Team

Mohamed Hamed

Mohamed Hamed

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Hamed is a well-established businessman for more than fifteen years. A founder of holdings and reputable companies across the globe.

Jose Angeles J. Cruz

Managing Director

Mr. Cruz has been trading commodities since 1992. He graduated at the top of his class and has been consultant to several companies since then. He is founder and President of several companies including AA Holdings.