We maintain a global outlook for investments, trade and operations.


Our Portfolio

International Commodity Trade

Asterion is engaged in trading diesel crude oil, light crude oil, low sulfur gas, bunker fuel from its network of refinery mandates in Russia and the Middle East. Our current market is China and the Philippines. Asterion is currently engaged in trading scrap metals from the Middle East to China.

Property Development

AA Holdings is engaged in commercial real property development, management of strategic real estate ventures, sale and leasing of real properties.

Portfolio Strategy

To ascertain shareholder’s objectives and create long term value for all our stakeholders by growing the group’s net assets by investing across strategic diverse sectors and territories. Diversification and development of new revenue streams, formulation of policies for current and future investments, identifying opportunities for growth across portfolio cluster; defining asset allocation across operating and financial asset classes, across territories and sectors.

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Asterion Alliance strategic balanced portfolio aims to provide foremost its customers, partners, stakeholders, employees and shareholders a steady stream of value while ensuring and nurturing a deep sense and vision for development and sustainability.

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We build relationships that forge bonds of trust, respect and mutual growth . We would be delighted to hear from you.

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